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Learn how to build wealth for retirement in a revolutionary way with uniquely designed tools, proven strategies, and the professional support that will enable your success.


Unlock your true wealth building potential by investing outside of Wall Street and achieve peace-of-mind knowing that your investments can withstand any economic environment.


Investors in every stage of life can discover financial and emotional freedom, and the ability to spend time by choice, rather than out of necessity.

What is the Self-Directed Wealth Solution?

The Self-Directed Wealth Solution is our exclusive three step process that allows you to utilize high growth potential investment alternatives, helping you achieve your retirement savings goals faster and more efficiently.  Whether you are trying to build wealth, maximize existing wealth, or position your assets for long-term income and security, the Self-Directed Wealth Solution will help.

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Unlock Your True Wealth Building Potential

Fast track your retirement savings plan

Protect your assets with true diversification

Secure multiple streams of income

Continue to learn and grow through decades spent in retirement

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The Self-Directed Club blog is a constant source of up-to-date market information, exclusive expert contributions, and new and creative ways that investors are building wealth for themselves and their families.  We love to share these stories and share inspiration every day!

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We empower you to develop a ‘wealth-building’ mindset through education and increased access to resources.  This allows you to achieve new levels of success by incorporating several wealth-building principals, allowing you to make better decisions, and reducing your reliance on others.  No longer do you have to worry about whether your monthly savings plan will be enough to ensure you do not outlive your asset.  With a wealth-building mindset you will naturally recognize the opportunities that will take you closer to the financial freedom you desire.
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We work with several valuable partners within the industry and are always striving to connect you with all the resources you need to support your success.  Whether you provide one of the essential services our investors are seeking or if you require one of the following services, let us know and we will help you make a valuable connection:

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